Guide to Getting Started with Video Marketing for Small Businesses

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Videos, as part of a strategic video marketing for small businesses, can significantly enhance your online presence, convey information more effectively, and establish a deeper connection with your customers. Investing in this form of marketing will help your SMB stay competitive and drive business growth.

But creating videos is just the beginning; to get the most out of video marketing, you need good video content, and you need a plan to get it in front of the right people. So, how do you go about that?

Keep reading for tips on how SMBs can get started with video marketing. 

Why Video Marketing Matters

Studies have shown that we process visual information 60,000 times faster than words alone which means videos are the ideal format to capture your audience’s attention and get your message across. But that’s not all it can do for a small business. 

Video can help your SMB:

  • Rank higher in search engines: Video content is favored by search engines, so having it helps your website and content rank higher in search results, increasing your online visibility.
  • Educate your audience: Videos can effectively demonstrate how your product or service works, making it easier for potential customers to grasp its value.
  • Get more email click-throughs: Including video in your email marketing campaigns can make recipients want to open your email more.
  • Boost your SEO: Increasing the time spent on a page can help boost the SEO of that page, and including a video is a great way to keep people on the page for longer.
  • Establish a deeper brand connection: Videos have the power to create an emotional connection with your audience, fostering trust, loyalty, and a deeper affiliation with your brand.
  • Stay on a budget: Video production doesn’t always require a big budget. With cost-effective options, small businesses can create compelling video content without breaking the bank.

Tips for Creating Compelling Video Content

So now you know that leveraging video marketing can significantly boost your SMB’s online presence, but, simply creating any video won’t cut it.

To truly captivate your audience and stand out from the competition, you need to create compelling video content that grabs their attention and resonates with them on a deeper level.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Know your target audience

Before diving into video production, get to know your target audience. What are their needs, interests, and pain points? By identifying who you are creating the video for, you can tailor your content to meet their specific needs, increasing the chances that your video will resonate with your intended audience.

Plan your content

Before hitting the record button, outline your video’s purpose, message, and desired outcome. This will help you stay focused and deliver a clear and concise message to your audience.

A female small business owner on camera telling a story while implementing her video marketing strategy for small businesses.

Tell stories

Humans are hardwired for storytelling, and leveraging this innate trait can make your videos more compelling.

Instead of simply presenting facts about your product or service, weave a narrative that connects with your audience on an emotional level. Share stories of real customers who have benefited from your offerings or tell the story of how your business came to be.

Keep it short and engaging

Attention spans are short, so make sure your videos are concise and to the point. Aim for videos that are under two minutes long, and make sure to capture attention in the first few seconds.

Be authentic

Authenticity goes a long way in video marketing. People connect with genuine stories, real experiences, and relatable content.

Avoid overly scripted and promotional videos that feel artificial. Instead, use real footage of your products, services, or team members to create a genuine connection with your audience.

Experiment with different video types

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of videos. Keep an eye on the latest video trends on social media and leverage them to create fresh and exciting content.

Here are a few types of videos all SMBs should be posting:

  • Educational videos
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Explainer videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Informational videos
  • Company story videos
A male small business owner testing different types of videos on camera.

Invest in quality audio

While visuals are important, don’t overlook the audio quality of your videos. Invest in a good microphone or use external audio recording devices to ensure clear and professional sound.

Optimize your videos

Yes, videos need to be optimized too! Incorporate pertinent keywords into your video titles, descriptions, and tags to enhance discoverability among potential viewers. Also, consider adding captions or subtitles to your videos to improve accessibility.

Yoast has a video SEO plugin that works great for video optimization.

DIY vs. Professional Videos

Creating videos in-house or hiring professionals are both viable options.

DIY videos offer a budget-friendly solution for SMBs. You can use your smartphone and affordable video editing software to create quality content without breaking the bank.

However, DIY videos require some level of expertise. Without prior video production, editing, and storytelling skills, results may fall short. Poor lighting, shaky footage, or unpolished editing can make your content appear amateurish, potentially losing viewer interest.

Alternatively, hiring experienced videographers, editors, and scriptwriters ensures top-notch video quality. They bring expertise and professionalism to your videos and can help optimize your video content, so it reaches more people, but they come at a cost.

So, you might consider a combination of both. You can shoot videos with your iPhone and hire a digital marketing agency to edit your videos for you. That way you get a post-worthy video that is optimized for video SEO, at an affordable price.

Image of a man recording himself on a phone and another professionally recording a group.

Platforms and Distribution

To fully leverage the power of video for your small business, you need to choose the right platforms for distribution and ensure that your content reaches your target audience effectively.

YouTube is the biggest video platform, but many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are also popular choices for sharing videos. Each platform has its own unique features and audience demographics.

Also, consider using your website or blog to host and share your videos. This can add value to your website, engage visitors, and increase the time spent on your site. You can embed videos directly into your web pages or create separate video galleries to showcase your content.

Measuring Success

Success in video marketing is not a one-time achievement, but an ongoing process of optimization and refinement. You’ll need to continuously measure and analyze your video marketing efforts so you can adapt and evolve your strategy.

Keep track of metrics like the number of likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates on your social media videos. Buffer is one of our favorite tools to help with this.

Also, track the impact of your videos on your website by looking at the volume of traffic and conversions. Google Analytics can help you with this and help analyze your audience’s behavior, such as the time spent on the site, pages visited, and conversions achieved.

Customer feedback is also a good measure of video marketing success. You’ll know it’s working if customers start saying “I saw your video.”

Lights, Camera, Conversions

So, video marketing isn’t just a trend; it’s a valuable strategy for small businesses to thrive in today’s digital landscape. By creating engaging and relevant video content, understanding your audience, and measuring your efforts, you can establish a strong online presence, connect with your target market, and drive meaningful growth.

So, don’t miss out on the power of video. Start filming, start sharing, and start succeeding in the digital world. Happy filming!

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