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Nonprofit organizations are dedicated to making positive changes in the world. But they don’t always have a digital marketing strategy to effectively get the word out about their cause.

SMBGM is a marketing firm that can help propel your nonprofit’s mission forward. 

Our team, hailing from diverse backgrounds and experiences, finds purpose and fulfillment in supporting organizations dedicated to making a difference.

With a blend of creativity and strategy, we specialize in crafting impactful branding and custom web design solutions tailored specifically for leading nonprofits.

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75% of internet users research nonprofits before donating
– so why gamble on your nonprofit’s online visibility? Count on a nonprofit marketing agency to make sure those users find your website when it matters most.

Turning Missions into Movements: Success Stories of Our Nonprofit Partners

Empowering FLAM San Diego's Mission

We partnered with FLAM San Diego to transform their online presence, aligning their digital footprint with their impactful mission. Our goal was to modernize and optimize their website to truly reflect their dedication to the community.

What We Achieved Together

  • Platform Upgrade: Transitioned from a Google platform to WordPress, significantly enhancing site functionality and aesthetics.
  • SEO Optimization: Conducted thorough SEO enhancements to maximize user engagement and online visibility.
  • Multilingual Integration: Added French and English language options to cater to their diverse audience, ensuring inclusivity.

The Impact

The result is a modern, professional, and highly functional website that not only reflects FLAM San Diego’s mission but also actively engages and captivates their target audience.

From the Heart of FLAM San Diego

"By far the best web designer! Professional, organized, friendly... We are so thrilled with our new website that we proudly recommend SMB Global Marketing!" - Rachèle DeMeo, Founder and President.

Why This Matters

  • Enhanced User Experience: The new website is easier to navigate and more visually appealing, improving every visitor’s interaction.
  • Greater Reach and Engagement: With improved SEO and bilingual functionality, FLAM San Diego now connects more effectively with a broader audience.
  • Mission-Driven Design: The website serves as a true reflection of FLAM San Diego’s mission, enhancing their ability to communicate and engage with stakeholders.
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Building a Digital Home for San Diego Alcalá Sister Cities Society

When the San Diego Alcalá Sister Cities Society needed an online presence to better connect with their community, we stepped in to create a digital platform that truly reflects their mission and values.

Our Strategy and Execution

  • Website Design and Development: We crafted a simple yet informative website that functions as their online headquarters, beautifully encapsulating their commitment to cultural exchange.

  • SEO Optimization: We didn't just build their site; we optimized every aspect with fine-tuned SEO techniques to enhance visibility and user engagement.

The Transformation

Today, the San Diego Alcala Sister Cities Society’s website is more than just a digital platform; it’s a vital tool for community engagement and outreach, enhancing their ability to foster connections and promote cultural exchange.

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What's Next

  • Enhancing Local Visibility: We're ramping up their local SEO to increase visibility within the local community.

  • Bilingual Branding Materials: We're also providing continuous support with bilingual (English-Spanish) branding materials for both digital and printed media, ensuring their message resonates across diverse audiences.

From the Heart of San Diego Alcala Sister Cities Society

"Sharmila Hall and SMB Global Marketing transformed our vision into reality, crafting a website that not only tells our story but serves as a valuable resource for the community. Patient, professional, and responsive, Sharmila's work has been essential to our growth. We highly recommend their services!" - Penelope Bledsoe, President

Why This Matters

  • Enhanced Community Connection: The new website significantly improves the society’s ability to engage with the community and promote cultural understanding.
  • Resource for Education: The site serves as an educational resource, supporting instructors and students in exploring relevant topics.
  • Cohesive Bilingual Communications: Our ongoing support with bilingual materials ensures consistent and inclusive communication.
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How Does Marketing Help Nonprofit Organizations?

It’s not just about being present online – it’s about crafting a strategy to build a community and using your platform to drive meaningful change.


Working with a nonprofit marketing firm can help your nonprofit:

  • Spread awareness about your cause
  • Get donations
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Engage with your supporters
  • Showcase the difference you’re making

Our Approach to Marketing for Nonprofits

We don’t just offer services; we weave stories, sculpt identities, and pave pathways to success for nonprofits like yours. Our strategies are crafted to resonate deeply, reflect your core values, and expand your impact. Here’s a glimpse into how we transform intentions into achievements.

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Define Your Target Audience Crafting Detailed Personas

We delve beyond basic demographics to construct comprehensive customer personas, capturing the true essence of your supporters. By segmenting your audience based on shared characteristics, interests, and behaviors, we can tailor content that speaks directly to their unique needs and motivates them to take action, amplifying your nonprofit’s impact.

Cultivate a Resonant Brand Identity That Inspires

A strong brand identity that authentically reflects your nonprofit organization's values is crucial. Our process begins with getting to know your organization inside and out - your mission, values, and unique selling propositions. From there, we work collaboratively with you to develop a brand identity that is true to who you are. Whether it's defining your brand voice, tone, or visual elements like your logo and color palette, we pay meticulous attention to every detail to ensure consistency and cohesiveness across all touchpoints.

Craft Impactful Websites Designed to Engage and Inspire

Our websites do more than present information; they facilitate experiences. Designed with user experience as the cornerstone, our sites guide visitors effortlessly, encouraging exploration and interaction. With a combination of stunning visuals and persuasive messaging, each site is a tool engineered to drive actions like donations, volunteer sign-ups, and awareness for your cause.

Embrace Global Engagement with Multilingual Website Solutions

Recognizing the diversity of the communities you serve, we ensure inclusivity with bilingual website functionality. Whether in English, Spanish, or French, our websites cater to a global audience, making your mission accessible to all.

Maximize Mobile Reach for Optimal Experience Across Devices

We know from data sources like Donorbox that half of a nonprofit’s website traffic comes from mobile devices. Optimizing your web pages and content for mobile access ensures a responsive, user-friendly experience, critical for engagement and visibility.

Strategic Platform Selection to Maximize Reach and Impact

We identify the most effective platforms for your message, considering each platform's unique strengths and user demographics. Whether through blogs, social media, or newsletters, we focus on where your supporters are most active, maximizing your reach and impact.

Elevate Your Online Presence with Advanced SEO Techniques

SEO is pivotal in today's digital landscape. We employ comprehensive SEO strategies from on-page optimizations to technical enhancements, ensuring your organization stands out in search engine results and attracts organic traffic to your website. We also believe in the power of ongoing maintenance to ensure that your website remains optimized for search engines over time. That's why we provide continuous monitoring and updates to keep your SEO strategy ahead of the curve.

Targeted SEM Campaigns that Drive Results Through Precision Ads

We complement SEO efforts with targeted SEM Campaigns. Our SEM expertise allows us to craft and manage targeted ad campaigns across platforms like Google and social media. With advanced targeting, we ensure your ads reach the right audience at the right time, driving traffic, leads, and conversions.

Craft Compelling Content that Engages and Educates Your Audience

Content is the cornerstone of engagement. We create tailored content strategies that produce fresh, relevant, and engaging blog posts and website copy. Each piece resonates with your audience, consistently reflecting your nonprofit’s values and mission.

Measure Success Metrics Through Analytics to Inform and Empower

We track and analyze performance across all digital channels, measuring crucial metrics like traffic, engagement, and ROI. This data allows us to continuously refine and enhance your marketing strategies, ensuring sustained growth and success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between nonprofit marketing and for-profit marketing?

Nonprofit marketing focuses on promoting a mission or cause, while for-profit marketing aims to generate revenue. Nonprofit marketing often relies on emotional appeals and storytelling, while for-profit marketing may prioritize product features and competitive advantages so you want to find a nonprofit marketing agency who understands the difference.

Yes! Effective marketing helps nonprofits raise awareness, attract supporters, engage donors, and drive social change. Without marketing efforts, nonprofits may struggle to gain visibility, secure funding, and achieve their goals.

We specialize in crafting customized strategies to help nonprofits elevate their online presence and engage with their audience effectively. From compelling storytelling to targeted digital marketing campaigns, we work closely with you to showcase your mission and values to the world.

We start by getting to know your organization inside and out. By understanding your mission, target audience, and objectives, we can develop strategies that align with your goals and drive meaningful results.

We use a variety of metrics to track the success of our marketing efforts, including website traffic, engagement metrics (such as likes, shares, and comments), conversion rates, and more. By analyzing these metrics, we can continuously optimize our strategies to ensure maximum impact.

Yes, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your digital assets remain up-to-date and optimized for performance. Whether you need regular content updates, technical support, or assistance with marketing campaigns, we’re here to help.

The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of your campaign, the competitiveness of your industry, and your specific goals. However, we work diligently to deliver results as quickly as possible while ensuring sustainable, long-term growth for your organization.